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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bionic Heart?

Don Hendricks here, back on line with another new lease of life. My cardiologist was able to repair the latest narrowing of my arterial walls.
An 80% blockage at the end of one stent and another one beyond it, a night in the hospital, and here I am again, recuperating and heading back to my life.

Yes, if I am smart, (a questionable statement?) there are things I can do to improve this latest renewal of my contract with life. As we have noticed in many places and among many people......actions are louder than words.

Sixteen metal stents scattered among the five arteries that supply blood to the heart. Three doctors who have helped me over the last fourteen years along with competent staff and the help of my caring general practitioners. I am grateful to be alive, hoping for joyful, productive, and blessed time ahead.

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Bebe said...

So happy to see your blog up and running again..........So happy to hear how well "they' have all taken care of you....!!!! Great News All The way Round!!!!! Thank you LORD!