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Friday, September 5, 2014

Trovi trashes my online access and I resent the intrusion

I love this combination of natures trees and manmade skyscrapers in NYC.

It looked like a legitimate request, like the ones that suggest updates on Windows. When I gave permission to supposedly update google video capabilities I ended up with five crappy programs loading on my computer that I had no interest in, advertising requests, and the replacement of my search engine with a trashy trovi.com search engine begging me to buy something or try something and hiding my email access. I resent the deception and the intrusion. Do these losers think we are going to buy this bait and switch.

Helpful internet nuts had videos on how to get rid of its hidden keys, but they were moving too fast for me to follow and I ended up buying a malware program for my laptops and found several hundred programs sitting on my hard drive passing all my browsing history to a myriad number of advertisers, and I resent the intrusion.

This with all the bold moves of facebook to take over your options on that program, and with this latest expensive intrusion into my convenient use of an internet gateway, I am feeling quite unnerved by the hidden uses and abuses of the internet.

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