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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Giving away books

The Prattville Presbyterian Church 1974. When my library was fitting on one set of shelves. They had to tear this historic building down when the shifting Alabama Clay made it unsafe to occuppy.

I have a plan for passing my library on to younger leaders. I grew that library with joy and with surprise gifts from others who were letting go of their libraries. Books have called to me from my shelves when I needed the input of others and scholarly advice.
Two large groups of boxes left during the year to bless others. I have shelf space for the first time in a long time.

My New Testament library goes last, if at all. For Lord willing I will use my teaching gift going forward.

I remember pouring over the Book offerings on Christian Book Distributors and planning my purchases. This morning I got one in my church mail and glanced through it and I was reminded how much things have changed in the publishing industry. The whole book was divided into sections by popular authors. Like most of our culture we have fallen into many camps following many ideas.

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