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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I was warned!

Don the Baptist, not drowning a young women, but symbolizing her identity with Christ, and yes, my Presbyterian freinds it is OK for people to be baptized by immersion without the foundations of the church being rocked.

That my facebook contact would lead me to a disturbing video of the beheading or four women....in Mexico. It did...and vigilante executions are inhuman no matter what human from anywhere does them to anyone, anywhere.

Does pretty much assure me that my dream of cheap retirement in a South American country is probably not a sound as staying in the USA where we have not yet descended to this level of barbarism.

If your coming Lord, or taking people off the planet, do it today. OK! Yeah, I know you never answer that prayer, but after viewing that video for a minute too long I am despairing of the human race.

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