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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

This is not a food blog

My Cardiologist does not have a great bedside manner. He is professional and polite. Maybe it was my own guilt but when we spoke briefly while I was on the operating table last week his eyes seemed to be saying, "are you here again".

He sent the new female associate to speak to me upon checking out. What can I do about this yearly expensive date we have been having? With tenderness she said, lose 10 lbs. For every ten pounds you lose the diabetic and artery stress. Just figure out how to lose 10 lbs, and we will go from there.

So, this is not a food blog, but when I watched two people lose 40 plus pounds on a Food purchase, fasting and candy bar plan I just knew that it was not for me. So for the next three months we are giving Weight Watchers the college try. Today is my seventh day, and this is one of the breakfasts on the two week introductory plan, administered to me, a man, through my smartphone. This pizza breakfast was delicious and I made it myself.

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