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Monday, September 8, 2014

Streams in the Desert today

This is Laura and I during our brief courting days. We married within ten months of meeting and I was 400 miles away from all but three months of that time. Crazy love. I am wearing my pin strip roofers outfit which was made famous for college and seminary wear by me.

We heard begin to downpour at 2 am and at 8 am we are still raining. Streets are flooded everywhere as the flat parts of town receiving the run off from the mountains and hills and the washes and catch basins overflow. Its a sight to see and all you folks with dirt that is porous and ground able to absorb it find it hard to understand. Our dry soil cannot take all this at once, it evolved to exist on tiny bits of moisture.

For us it is a delight to watch as long as we can stay inside. Laura had to go to school, even though many kids will be staying home as neighborhoods all over the valley are under water. Fun Day.

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