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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Run for your life!!....yeah.....really

This is a Morton salt facility at the great Salt Lake and the great Salt Flats, where they harvest great salt, which is not good for me.
I have switched to Himalayan Sea Salt for my personal use, full of minerals, very tasty, very expensive.

I survived my annual nuclear stress test yesterday. The treadmill part, where your heart is monitored, your bp is checked and you get your heart rate uncomfortably high and then have to hold it there for two minutes while they inject your with nuclear tracer stuff.

It remains the best way to tell if your heart arteries are properly supplying the heart with blood or are beginning to clog up and create the potential for heart attack.

This is, believe me, a love hate affair for me and all who have heart conditions. I know it must be done, but I work myself into a state of dread for the days leading up to it, and a state of uneasy anxiety till the test is interpreted back to me several days later. Of course, if something had been really bad in the EKG they would not let me leave the office but would send me to the hospital. That did not happen, so now I wait. Grateful, and aware that life is tough for lots of folks.

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