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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday afternoon delight

My father could recline like this for hours, see the dog finding a moment of intimacy. I would for years try to match this TV posture and end up with my hands asleep and my body aching, I eventually gave it up but always admired my fathers favorite TV watching mode.

Church is concluded, friendships renewed, covenants remembered, weekly cycle begun, as for me I try to think that Sunday is the first day of the week not the tag on at the end of the week. Points made, applications stated, people are on their own to work out their journey, or walk it out day by day.

These few hours of relaxation after performance, of rest after effort have become to me a great delight. I am not a strict Sabbath Keeper, so the finishing golf tournament of the week provides pleasure and excitement. I often nod off and on during the tournament and must be poked or prodded by Laura who threatens to turn in off, and just does not understand that though I am sleeping I am still listening to the play.

Then perhaps, a 20 minute nap, very therapeutic.

My granddaughter speaks of the frustration of the life she is living in highschool, the daily schedule, get up, dress, class, homework, sleep and then at it again. Yes dear one, life is routine sparked by special moments and occasional high spots.

There is nothing very exciting about my week to week life, but I am living with a sense of exhilaration, peace, grace and love.

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Anonymous said...

Never been able to think of Sunday as the first day of the week!
As you said, much of life is routine regardless of the setting and it is the special moments and infrequent highlights that make it special but all the while undergirded with the sure and steady grace we rely on.