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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bicycles on my mind

Golden bikes for apartment dwellers. NYC also has publically maintained racks of blue cruiser bikes all over Manhatten. You swipe your credit card to unlock it, go to another location and turn it in and lock it with another swipe, and you have a faster way to get around town. Seemed to be working pretty well.

As a pedestrian in NYC in June we quickly learned not to move when New Yorkers move at street corners but to watch the lights. They barge across early, take enormous risks. We also had to be wary of bikers who were often cutting it way too close to make the blocks. It was nerve wracking at times.

Brian posted some FB comments on how many bikers are hit by cars in NYC and that the insurance companies have added clauses for medical and damage to anyone hit by a car in NYC, and what to do when it happens to you.

The second article was a sad story of a women on life support after being hit by a speeding biker not in the bike lane in Central Park.

Here in Sun Lakes we have had a number of our senior biker group have serious injury this summer.

In my old home town on the gulf coast a female biker was killed last week, a triathlete who was known by my runner friends there.

Then my FB friend Prof. Beck at Experimental Theology wrote of the joys of slow biking to work on his blog, how he went from desiring speed to smelling the roses along the four mile way to his university job.

Bottom line, fall and winter are great biking seasons here, and I am going to to dust off my Schwinn road bike, check the air, and do some biking, but slowly and very carefully. Point taken for all the news.

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