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Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Jonah Story really fishes me off

Central Park

So someone was talking about how much they enjoyed the message of Jonah in a sermon they heard. It was all about how we all run from God....I hear that application all the time and it begs the real question of the book. Why was Jonah running from God, because God wanted sinners to repent and Jonah wanted sinners to die and be judged. I do not want you to reach the lost, God, I am out of here. The lost deserve to burn in hell, and the last thing I want to see is mercy for the wicked.

Reading a review of a book on Revelation stating that the purpose of the book is to picture a new and renewed creation, and yet most people read the book and say it is about the end of the world.

Watched a video about the analysis of the beheadings of the journalists by ISIS. These men said that the bodies of the dead were real, but they the killing did not take place where and when these films were produced. What? Why? Who? When?

Been watching with great interest the series on the Roosevelts and the history of the early part of last century. Fascinating. Ken Burns is a gift to the world, and this form of picture, movie, commentary and discussion is by far one of the most effective ways to learn. I am completely hooked on how fascinating it is took look back on the pains and hurts and blessing of these families and how the world lifted them up to lead. They were so flawed and the times were so incredibly bad in WWI and WWII that it shocks me.

This summer we spent a day walking through Central Park in NYC and its beauty and usefulness and joyfulness in such a huge city really impressed, then in the documentary I see a time not that long ago when it was a huge town of tiny shelters for the homeless, poor and hungry during the depression. Hooverville. The contrast amazes me.

Well, this was a rant of a post, designed to remind us that the world is a mess but God is working in ways beyond our understanding, so continue to pray, and trust, and not be fished off if God loves the bad guys too.

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