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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Night and Day

Here is a picture of the city bike system I spoke of yesterday. Shows how young the city of Manhattan has become in its workforce that these would be used for inner city transportation.

Something happened that caused me to lose a night of sleep on Friday. A little thing that brought a long sleepless night. I was thinking about my life and my past and my present and my future and waiting for it all to fade and sleep to come as it does most every night. I would finally enter that state of deep rest and restoration that allows us to wake and walk in the world. But not this night. Not one hour of sleep.

Needless to say, the next day I functioned a bit like a Zombie, not quite alive, fuzzy in thought, and though I rested in the late morning, nothing like sleep occurred till last evening, and after a night of dream state sleep I am back and recovering on this Sunday morning.

The experience reminded me of how fragile we all are and how dependent we are on the cycles of sleeping and eating. These bodies we live in are finely tuned and the daily and weekly maintenance of them requires habits and time and care.

Yet this body is the place in which our daily walk, our life in the world occurs. This morning, feeling rested, I am thankful for sleep and aware that its loss is the loss of vitality, functionality, and daily joy.

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