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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Strange Things are Happening

Hey Dr. Spock, have the Klingons been using my old blog posts.

My title today is actually the title of a song by Red Buttons that played repeatedly from a 78 record disc when I was growing up. The song is hilarious. I went back to see when I started this blog to celebrate the date and I noticed seven comments on almost every post.  While I appreciate your comments this blog is really not designed for anything more than just a daily sharing of a thought to connect with you during you time of browsing.

Turns out those comments are all in Chinese, all the same length and they have a few english words interspersed that refer to engineering parts.  Is my blog being used by someone? Anyone ever hear or see anything like this?

So, happy blog birthday a bit late, I actually started on July 24th 2008 so I am in year five. I have been thinking about starting a theo blog to share more in depth the things I believe about God and the gospel more deeply. I want to join the growing conversation about the role of truth in our strange world. Strange things are happening all over, strange things. Janet, do you remember listening to that record with me in the basement of the home on Ceperly Dr. Oneonta NY??? What a memory to pop into my head today?!!

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