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Friday, August 3, 2012

Study Leave

Fathers Day Conference 2007 Peculiar, Kansas, a tiny suburb of Kansas City named a hundred years ago when the town leaders told the Judge they wanted to name the town with a unique and not common name, something different and....peculiar?

Several years ago I desired to expand my understanding by spending time with some Christian conference outside my own family of faith. It has been a yearly time to think, read, pray, see another part of the country and because Laura has a short summer, it has been a solitary trip. She always complains gently that she does not like to be alone that long, so I have agreed that this will be my last bachelor trip and she will begin to go to conferences with me, Lord willing. Most of next summers vacation will be back to our southern roots so I will be looking for a meeting in June or July in the Bible Belt.

Here is my list of places and events since this quest started.
Renovare in Denver, followed by a private retreat on the Salmon River-many changes in my life from this
Fathers Day Conference in Kansas City a very ecumenical group from all over emphasizing God's love for all
Presence in Colorado Springs Group that left the Church of Christ over eschatology
Presence in Little Rock  (It took me two years to understand where this group was coming from.)
The Nazarene Pastors Conference at Point Loma San Diego.  Ah the ocean coolness and a group of godly people.

This year the Christian Missionary Alliance Mission Conference in Okaboji Iowa,  never been to Iowa, no ocean coolness, but I am looking forward to it and some visits with friends along the way. I always do a bit more photography when I am traveling alone which is fun.

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