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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Saying goodbye to genres of futility

That old house on the prairie once got power from somewhere as these old electric connections were obviously added in a rather haphazard fashion. They were all cut and left hanging.

As I was packing up books and gleaning from shelves I remembered periods of my life when I read extensively in certain areas and ended up with a large collection. One huge area was Christian psychology and counseling during a period when I was trying to "scratch in the dirt to see where I got hurt" I am sure I was helped by many of them but most of them I let go today.

The second huge genre was the books where a famous preacher would tell you how to make your church come alive and grow. Way too many, and goodbye.

Some authors will be with me till I die, thank you C.S. Lewis, Andrew Murry, and bunches of great novels I read and enjoyed.

I said goodbye to many very old hardbacks of sermon series from bygone eras, great old Presbyterians, and lots of Spurgeon. Reading makes the whole man, and I am feeling free from my labors today, and I plan on continuing my march toward E technology to carry a library in my hand.

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