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Saturday, August 25, 2012

40 and 400

Water on the glacier made Lake Okaboji.

The walk on the moon was very special to me, for I was on the porch at Camp Alpine for boys with a camp full of boys and counselors watching a small TV.  Since we can remember that we have a bit of a guage about how a generation feels.

Forty years Israel roamed in the wilderness before entering the  promised land.

Forty years from Jesus announcing that the temple would be destroyed until the event in 70 AD

Ten times forty really carries the event to an epic level.  Israel was in slavery in Egypt for 400 years, a long, long, long, long, time.....and then God spoke to Moses, and a people were born again.

400 years of silence from a prophet of God after Malachi, a long, long, long. time of silence, and then God spoke to an old priest and his wife, you are going to have a child, a prophet of God and his name will be John, which means God is gracious.  A people who longs to hear from God a fresh word, and that word is grace, and they are called to turn around and receive it and prepare for something even more astonishing, the Lamb of God.

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