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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Left turn on Val Vista Dr?

Still rebuilding along the gulf coast after Katrina, this church is in Gulfport Ms.summer 2010.

Being built on flat desert, the east valley was built on grids, major roads north, south, east, west, every mile with half mile roads as well.  As the valley exploded with growth, those roads are widened from two to four lanes, starting at the interstate and going north and south. In our 23 years here we have moved enough to always be encountering the latest widening project.

Laura commutes 10 miles west on Chandler Heights Blvd. As the traffic has grown anyone taking Val Vista South backs up traffic unbelievably fast.  I always wonder why those folks don't realize what a disaster it is when it takes five or six lights to get through.  Today I drove Laura to work and...thankfully they had an officer helping ease the situation. As line waiting is one of my worst nightmares, I am thankful, but my comment to Laura was this.  "I would rather be living in a town with growth issues than dying issues".

I am watching a news man standing on Washington Ave in Ocean Springs which is underwater, now that is a transportation problem I no longer have. God bless the gulf coast through this storm.

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