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Friday, August 17, 2012

Tiny new pleasures

Here is a marker to some little things I did that made my special week memorable.
1) Driving a Hyundai Tucson- zippy, comfortable, good gas mileage
2) Fishing with Peter, I have not put a lure in a pond for a long time and it was fun. I am going to get a rod and reel and begin to fish the lakes behind my office.
3) The steam shower-you get a refreshing cleanse of your pores while starting your day. Confession, I did envy that cool thing.
4) A Hardees mushroom sauce hamburger, have not eaten at Hardees for years, very good.
5) Braddington-Young Leather recliners, theres one in my future.
6) Lake living-I could get used to it.
7) Arnolds Park Nutty Bars, they are square, not rectangle, and good.
8) Fried Chicken Livers-been a long time and I just had two off my new friends plate.
9) Reading on my older Kindle, still love the inkjet on grey.

10) Sarah Groves in person-I cannot remember being spiritually more blessed by live music and the gritty reality of her message of hope and grace.

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