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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Stepping into the rhythm of someones life

Drinking coffee overlooking a parched Kansas cornfield with a houndog on the left and a kitty on the right, the siilence of the country air fills me with a sense of God's presence.

After lunch and some morning reading I play surrogate grandfather with Peter while his mom and dad work. We fish, twice in the pond behind the office playing catch and release. I have not made a cast in decades but the practice returns to me and I win the fish catching prize, which is the joy of gloating.

We go to the golf course for a lesson and some practice in the midst of a threatening storm, and then enjoy another evening of conversation, in which our friendship flows as if it had never stopped when we moved away so long ago. You see the children that resulted from the union and the joys and struggles of helping them learn and grow, and its exhausting and frustrating and the very essense of what is good.

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