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Friday, August 24, 2012

Best monsoon in recent years

We have had a wonderful rainy monsoon season and I hope the lake levels go up a bit as a result. I have no great ideas in my head this morning as I wait to see if the gentle rain will stop for a round of golf.

I helped my son purchase a car the last two afternoons and we have had a running conversation as to whether the rude treatment we have gotten by salesmen is just ignorance or deliberate psychological manipulation. We made an appointment to see a particular car at a specific time and when we arrived the car was not there and took almost two hours to arrive. We should have walked.  The popcorn in the waiting room was the only saving grace, and the car was just right.

My broken credenza is in the hands of the wookworking hobbyist and I know it will come back stronger than it was. Fiber board furniture is pretty poorly assembled stuff.

The news of the day makes me wonder where we are headed as a nation. Pockets of good and lots of crazy going on. I dreamt of seeing a random shooting last night and woke to see news of a real one in NYC.

Hope your weekend has moments of bliss and beauty, or at least some satisfying moments of engagement with life and peace.

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