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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Summer of 69 via transistor radio

Gulfport as seen from the boat to Ship Island, summer of 2010, I talked to Carter Bise that day who just shared on FB that he is preparing to ride out another one today.

Just short of two weeks after the moon landing, Hurricane Camille blasted the gulf coast with a category 4 wind and storm surge. I listened on my tiny transistor radio that summer to apocalyptic songs like, "In the year 2525'. My parents were living in Houston Tx, but would move to Gulfport during the recovery years after that storm. I remember it had a jack with one ear bud so I could listen without bothering my campers at Camp Alpine.
During that summer on the mountain that little radio was my link to the real world.

It was Hurricane Elena that roared up Market Street when I was Pastor in Moss Point in 85. It took a year to pick up downed trees and repair homes without roofs from that one. We felt the power close up from the Methodist classroom annex across the street.

Katrina anniversary seven is here, and we have visited the coast every other year to see how long it took for recovery, and once again they face the test of Hurricane season. In the years that intervened the tiny transistor radio turned into the Boom Box, and just yesterday I unpluggd my Aiwa boom box to give away to charity. It has been replaced by an Ipod, about the size of my tiny transitor of 69, but now with a jack that amps to my many Ipod players, and if I need news, I jack into my smartphone.

We' e come a long way baby, but we still cannot mess with Mother Nature. Prayers for all affected.

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carter said...

The night beforeElena, Sunday before labor day, my brother called demanding, pleading we evacuate. I told him we couldn't because we were waiting for a pizza. Guess what we had for dinner last night?