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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A dark and stormy night

Harley dude and Harley dudes nephew at Arnold's Park, Iowa who took the boat trip with us.

I left parched Nebraska and Kansas and landed in desert Phoenix in a lightning and rain storm. They could not deplane our baggage because of lighting in the area, so we sat and I arrived home near midnight after a day of driving 400 miles. I loved seeing the states from different roads, and even drove the Kansas turnpike with gas and McDonald's in between the roads, a full service obesity stop every 30 miles.

Air travel amazes me, there was not an empty seat on the Houston to Phoenix flight on a huge plain, while Wichita to Houston had maybe twenty of us aboard.  Any how, its a hassle but worth it to save time and....."look at clouds from both ways now".

I did not gain weight on this trip, a miracle considering some places I had to eat on the road, but I still am in need of getting back on the healthier eating and exercise  routine again. My guest hosts fed me well and really excellent food.

The change of pace and scenery and the good conversations, the reading time and reflecting time, they were all good. The corn belt is vital to our prosperity in America and the effects of this bad crop will be kicking us in the wallet for a good while, and for me, that which was only in pictures, the rolling fields, the picture perfect farms, the aging barns, are now part of my study leave experience for which I am thankful.

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