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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A surprising solution to saving money

Laura is digging the Xoom as well.

Please don't judge me because I embrace the internet, and enjoy cutting edge technology. Some churches employ technology people to communicate with people and use the new media effectively, and here, its me, part of the package. Pastor Don, pastor, amateur photographer, web and mail manager, occasionally will sweep walks and arrange desks and chairs, gives rides, available for golf.

So I tell the Verizon guy I am paying for three internet ramps and its too much. He shows me how to save money because the tablet is a tether and remote hotspot. Goodbye WWAN usb connector, get to keep the smart phone and still save each month a goodly portion. All three laptops me and the church use are automatically online when in the vicinity of the tablet, super cool. I was so impressed with the technician I asked him for advice in selling my timeshare??????!!!!

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