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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Paul, sublime and absurd at times

Gun Turrent, USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor Hawaii

I have always loved the Pauline epistles, some of the explanations of the Gospel are so wonderful and the insights so perfect that I marvel, and then some things he says just grate against my sensibilities and I see him as a semi reformed pharasee trying to legislate against the freedoms of the new covenant he defends and explained so well.

I am rereading Scott McKnights book on Bible reading and discernment and find myself really valuing his advice of reading the bible as a story and seeing the context of each book and its author, Isaiah's way for Isaiahs days, thus even Paul can be caught in a cultural dynamic that no longer exists. The perpetual inferiority of women and the silence passages are the point at which he has changed his thinking and so have I, thank God. Men are saved by faith, women by childbirth????? What?????

Convincing a person who grew up with a flat and strict literal understanding, along with the usual convenience of ignoring your own uncomfortable passages and enforcing those you life, make the job of Bible exposition a challenge.

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