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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Enjoy Thanksgiving

So many memories of Thanksgivings past, and sincere blessings to friends and family who stop by to check in to my current post. I am watching the pre parade in NYC, and remembering how much I love this parade.

I spoke a bit prophetically last evening on the struggles that may be ahead if we don't get our debt problems under control. I pray that we will choose the harder path with leads to freedom.

I will still cherish all the normal cultural fun that has been America in all her quirky, beautiful, creative, reality.


Kansas Bob said...

It seems that those who have chosen to live debt free will one day in the near future be victimized by those who have chosen to be slaves of debt.

Giving thanks for you Don on this Thanksgiving day!

Anonymous said...

All the plans for this thanksgiving went awry. Loss of four teenagers in a car accident, friends of my own grandchildren. 10 inches of snow, Christine called to help her father's friend who is fighting cancer and fell and broke her shoulder and arm, Tricia staying home as her father-in-law suffered a recent stroke and is not doing well, so Cindy invited me to the Casey's thanksgiving feast. They are such a welcoming family so I did enjoy turkey with extended family by marriage. I hope you had a wonderful day. Please keep Sue and George and their families in your prayers. Love Judy