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Monday, November 14, 2011

Hell yes!

We had some very creative fall centerpieces by Butch decorating the tables at our Fall dinner last evening.

I am in possession of two books written in response to Rob Bell's book Love Wins. I continue to be impressed with this conversation and look forward to reading them both.

Met another author making a very specific prediction about the rapture of the church, and unlike Camping this man has pursued his studies on the shoulders of the great premillenial authors of the early part of last century. Another interesting conversation. If he is right we have little time for further reflection.

Can you tell I am enjoying using this new buzzword conversation. I believe Martin Luther was seeking debate, ie conversation back and forth with Roman Catholic scholars. There violent response led to a religious war unimaginable in our own modern mind, at least I hope it is unimaginable.

The failure to consider and reconsider has charactarized failed religion over the centuries.

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