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Monday, November 28, 2011

Juggling on line ramps

Bought a Black Friday deal at Verizon, a Motorola Xoom 4G tablet. Here is my thinking, I have owned a smart phone for almost 2 years, and I love it....too much....I have become dependent on it for news and reading my theo blogs, checking Email ect. It is very small and hard to read, and answers are hard to type. I have also pulled it out when driving or with friends too often.

I look forward to the day when each family pays for one online ramp to the internet for all their devices, the present plan is too expensive. So, I am going back to a regular phone, and using the tablet for browsing, emails, scheduling, and all the incredible cool apps that Android has developed. It will still be with me in the man bag, but just not quite so accessible that I overuse it. I love the Xoom so far, and it sold at a screaming price.

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