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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Did the Pilgrims discover Popcorn?

We love popcorn snacking around this house, and movies and popcorn are made to go together. My friend Larry has the large popper he keeps filled in his home but we just don't have the room for a big one.....so I bought a small one that Laura expressed interest in. It has the same fun of watching the corn spill out of the kettle and keeping the corn moving while it heats.

So far we have been dissapointed by the number of unpopped kernels that get blown out of the small kettle. I have glued pennies on the top to keep this from happening and have cut the rate of wasted corn in half.

We cannot wait to have the grand kids see this toy in action, and yes, to me the corn only serves as a transport system for buuuutttteeerr!!

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Kansas Bob said...

We had a stir crazy popper for years until it died. These days we do micro-pc.