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Monday, November 28, 2011

Jesus is my Messiah

Took the point and shoot out to golf last week and shot a low one into the morning sun. I like it.

I spent some weeks this summer discussing the issue of God Behaving Badly in the Old Covenant and how this was not God's ultimate purpose for nation to be killing nations physically in conquest.

At the same time there is an indissoluble link between the promises God made to Israel and to the Church, same deliverer like Moses, same King like David.

The break is in the area of grace and peace and loving and praying for our enemies, for in this we become servants of the Prince of peace.

The peaceable Kingdom is our calling to build, amidst the false gods and violent upheavals in the quest for power we see in the world. I am hoping to develop in my flock the idea that we are servants of the King now, and not just deciders to believe in Jesus for life after death, but disciples to follow him in life and to victory.

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