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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Alkalized Water

Studying nutrition is like studying theology, lots of schools of thought, debates, disagreements, old wives tales, ect.

I like the concept of Kundun water, discovered by a Russian scientist and popularized by Japan. I could not figure out why the companies wanted to sell you an expensive machine until I read that the process of alkalizing the water had not been stable. It has to be consumed within two days or it returns to balance.

Drinkrealwater.com has a bottled product I found at a Costco that seems to have stabilized the process and I am working my way through a case of it. I like what they do in the purification process and the reverse osmosis, and I am believing the claims of what the magnetizing electric process does to the water and its PH and oxidation enhancements. Check it out if you have interest.


Kansas Bob said...

Case of 24 is $36 online. How much in CostCo?

Don said...

14 bucks at Costco Businesst