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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Music time

St. Joseph Hospital and Barrow's Clinic down-town.

I love my collection of Christmas music and try to add one or two each year. Bought Amy Grant's classic "Home for Christmas" to play a song at Bible Study and Laura who loves all things Buble' asked for his recently released Christmas Album.

It funny that I just learned that my smartphone has unlimited use in 3g in a parented in plan. I had been stingy in playing music from the Amazon Cloud, but turns out I can use it as much as I want, which will be great for the gym.

Last years favorites were Enya's Christmas album and Yo Yo Ma's Dona, Nobis, Pacem.

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Janet said...

I know a boy who took a lesson from Yo Yo Ma and my Ex lived on the next block from him in Boston and could hear him practice on summer evenings.

I also worked for a man who was in a Bible study with the parents of the man who shot President Reagan.

This 4 degree thing is interesting.