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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Nice Break Ahead

The young lady in this picture has her first good camera and lens. We had a nice discussion about sunsets on Maui.

We gather on Thanksgiving Eve for a service, but all other meetings are off for the week. I am enjoying the time to reflect and read for Christmas emphasis.

Purchased a new tower computer for our administrative Assistant, another Dell, her present machine is 2003 so its time. She needs a flat screen, her old box looks ancient in computer time.

So thankful for Al and Freddy for taking down the borrowed video screen this week. He promised to work on a few of the connections that were not working.

Visited an elderly friend so ready to die, but is going home after a week with illness. This saint lost his wife last year and enjoys his walk with the Lord and the care of his family, but his body is wearing out.

I am hoping the mess that is Congress can get hold of runaway spending, I am not a big government guy, we need safety nets but not a nanny state. Help us!!!!

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