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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yeah Walmart

Maui, 1988 standing in front a Kochski infested home in Lahaina.

Attention Walmart shoppers, As we were leaving the Phoenix Rescue Mission yesterday my eyes were struck by the look of the Hope Coach Van. It had a list of its services on the windows, including what I thought was cute, "Hope Totes"...toiletry kits passed out to the homeless so they can keep clean when they find water.

Apparently Walmart sponsored the purchase of a brand new van because the old and unadorned van was parked next to it. Way to go Walmart.

Tommorrow is my 61st Birthday. I am amazed that I am still here given my decade long struggle with the reality that is heart disease and diabetes.

I am a baby boomer, part of that vast procreative movement of husbands and wives after WWII. We are a huge bunch of selfish people who believe the world revolves around us and for which business and government are supposedly gearing up to handle, given that the rise in sheer numbers of people will necesitate more services.

Given our state of government brokeness, somthing has to give in the area of discounted and free services.

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