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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Post 1100...Before and After

Eggs are my friends.

I love before and after pictures. I am happy for everyone who successfully loses excess weight and regains health, and thankful for everyone in the health industry who is trying to help restore people to active lives.

This week I will mark two years in the gym. 104 weeks of 3-5 weekly visits to walk, stretch, lift weights, and raise my heart rate.

As I mentioned, I am a bit stuck and am trying a new month long experiment to increase my metabolism, returning it to a more normal function. Everything I have already done has moved me us some notches in that direction.

So a FB friend says today he lost 30 lbs since May by drinking something with his coffee, and I think, what a waste of time all this work has been. All I needed was a packet of ***** and the fat would melt off my body.....I think I need a before and after picture on that one. For me, there has been no easy fix and no magic formula and no melting away of anything. I am through with quick fixes.

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