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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday is for errands

A deserted day at Ke'e Beach, the end of the road above Princeville, Kauai.

The end arrived for my parishioner this morning. It was peaceful and his last week was without much pain.

I am still hoping to delay the grim reaper through diet and exercise and prayer. I have used my invisible shoes twice for workouts and found out there are unused muscles around arch and toes that need to be built up.

A year or so ago I got up early to walk the beach in Mexico and the pain in my feet from neurophathy was so bad I grieved that I might not be able to go barefoot again, so this is a vast improvement for me.

Thinking about the passing of Betty Ford. I saw the Ford's up close at a speech stop in Jackson, Ms during his term in office. I liked them both, and poor Gerald was a real target too often.

Did a paint repair job, bought groceries for a shut in, a back up hard drive to save
my ailing laptop. Now the message for tomorrow takes center stage in the oven of my heart and mind, hoping it will come out tasting done and nourishing the folks in church.

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