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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Its a small world after all!

I am so sorry I made you think of that song, you will not be able to get it out of your mind the rest of the day.

Laura and I discovered that we both attended the New York World's Fair in 64 the same summer. Walt Disney unveiled a Unicef Pavilion ride, commissioned one of his writers to create the song, moved it to Disneyland where it remains an immensely popular attraction.

I learned when I was growing up, that Dixie, the south is a series of small worlds.
I live in a small world called High School, a small world called College, a small world call Seminary, and then I lived in a small town in the south. Each had their own rules and cultural realities.

Brian just returned to his College World at U of Arizona for a few days. He loved his time there but is glad he moved on. You cannot go back. You can take it forward. He and some fellow students moved to NYC and have managed to survive and thrive. He lives in a different world than I but it's still people, work, cooperation, kindness, with some logical awareness of danger and need of security.

We get to hear about his new life in that melting pot city. Last night at Oregano's he introduced us to Pesto Pizza, which was delicious and delicate in flavor.

As a westerner I will always be a southerner, can't escape your raisings. But I have learned as I have grown, that, it is a small world after-all.

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