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Friday, July 8, 2011

Hospice reality

Every one has there own sunset.

Most people have a handful of times when they are in the room with dying friends or relatives. I have a lifetime of such experiences. It is always sobering to watch death approach. Observe the life sustaining systems shutting down, the appetite, alertness, breathing disruptions.

There are humane measures which make dying easier. Pain meds help people sleep and relax. Nurses help people move and keep the dying clean.

It is very solemn and very real, and it tests your faith that this tent is not all there is. Angels do not fill the room, at least any I can see. I rarely hear a last profound word, which was all the rage for Christians for centuries.

They die, they pass away, they enter rest. And I see them, and remember them, and thank God that I can number my own days, and so get a heart of wisdom.

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Dixie said...

It has been an honour to be there at the passing of both of my grandparents, and to have so recently been there for Marc's dad's last days.

I'm not sure if I've said this on my blog or not, but I'd really like to be a counselor for seniors.

I've felt especially with my granny and Marc's dad that there last days were a struggle of letting go that "this has been there life" -- there's no more fixing mistakes or looking forward to better. We just have to give up what we've been to God and trust in his salvation and redemption.