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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thoughts from the Man Cave

Sunrise, sunset,sunrise, sunset....swiftly fall the days, one season following another....

Most evenings this summer I am firmly ensconced in a chair in my man cave, trying not to hear the blare of the absolutely terrible stuff they call summer TV specials. I dislike reality shows with a passion, no offense if you love them. The whole direction of TV just sends me out of the room these days.

I use the time to read and study. Reading the research and thoughts of others who are hardworking and intelligent raised my own level of understanding. In the area of health I am trying to figure out why my body has stopped losing weight. In the area of evangelical health I am trying to figure out what went wrong with the harvest. Its all more fun than "America's God Talent"!

I am finding lots of people who share about why diets fail. The body just does not cooperate in the long run with the stress that calorie restriction gives the system.
That is why yo yo weight gain is such a problem. Interesting stuff because my bodies set point is still twenty pounds higher that I need to be healthwise. It's the kind of quest that makes the time fly by in the mancave.

Then I switch gears and wonder why modern Christianity is so pessimistic about the future when Paul, who was very realistic about how needy we are, was very, very, optimistic about God's plan to rescue and restore humanities hope through Christ.

There is a scene at the end of Titanic after Rose has told her story and drops the emerald into the deep, that she goes to sleep (dies), and is reunited with the masses of people who died so long ago and the love of her life. I think the future is something like what Cameron was showing in that heartwarming conclusion.

I passed by a shopping center on Southern yesterday that was totally dead and deserted, and I remember in my mind when it was vibrant, and I am sad. I pass through the halls of Banner Hospital and remember I was a patient here just a few weeks ago, and I see people crying in the surgery waiting room and think about a future time when all the broken people who died in this hospital will be reunited with their loved ones......and the mancave glows with hope.

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