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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The New Covenant, based on better promises

Here is another view of those obelisks outside Mercy Gilbert taken with my new Canon ELPH 300EM

I love the new covenant, it is the gospel of Paul which is the gospel of God in Christ.

Everyone who loves and reads the bible has read every verse of the new covenant....but many, me included, missed it because we were blinded by tradition,or so set in a theological position that any teaching that did not fit, got ignored or twisted.

It stresses God activity on man's behalf, inclusion of all in the plan of ages, God's grace as expressing Himself through love as the highest value.

Find it, believe it, practice it, change with it, enjoy it.

I will be heading to San Diego for a four day seminar, will try to stay in touch, I am leaving time for walking, photography, sitting outside in cool weather, and finding a good fish taco.

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