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Sunday, July 24, 2011


ANOTHER DAY OF LIVIN' Good ole St. Joseph watching over his hospital which the Catholics dropped recently for the manner in which the doctors were trying to save lives. Go figure?

For some reason I have been listening to alot of music from the 70's. It was a good decade for me, finishing college, getting a master's degree, become a Mr. with a Mrs., having a child or three.

In the paper today, two pages of people left this earth and the obituaries tell their story.

In Norway, some crazy man decided to take 100 peoples precious lives and turn himself in when the law arrived. Tragic for whatever twisted reasons he had.

I sell a product, an idea, that has come on hard times. The product is the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is becoming a hard sell in our culture and around the world. Why? Could it be that we have added or subtracted from the meaning of the good news till it does not even sound like good news to people?

So, while I enjoy every day of living, I burn with a desire to see the true good news flourishing around the world, as I believe it is destined to do.

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