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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Web

Here is the beginning of the dust storm that engulfed the east valley and the airport this week. This is why I keep my camera in my man bag.

I have embraced the world wide web. It enables me to say hello to a friend in Africa, know my family knows I am still here, and as a source of information has been nothing less than miraculous.

However, as I stared at an empty building that used to be a Border's Books I felt some sense of remorse, and I hear the warnings of those like Josh McDowell who said that you cannot protect your young people from thoughts and ideas that can damage. They would never go to the bookstore and buy a book by an atheist, but they can read tomes of anti theistic writing on the web for free at any time.

There is, of course, a double edge to that argument. You can also have access to ideas that can set you free, and shift paradigms for the good. So, I continue to applaud this new way of connecting.

The tool can be used for good or evil, once again its a matter of the heart

Books will not die, even if they are increasingly electronically transmitted. It will be hard to have your work published and printed unfortunately, but I believe we have not seen the new ways that conversations and studies will be made available yet.

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