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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Have you seen anyone wearing Vibram glove shoes? They are kind of odd but they allow people to exercise naturally with the sensation of being barefoot and the protection from sharp object. They are expensive. So, I bought a kit and made a pair of "Invisible Shoes", which are vibram soles tied with laces. So I am going to try barefooting. I will let you know. It is way beyond flipflops. People are running marathons in these things.

What is my favorite thing to eat as a luxury when dieting? Ice Cream.

I bought the Scrabble game for my Kindle, and, just like everyone testified. It cheats!

When the game is close and it has a big tile like J,X, or Q, it will invent a word. This happen even though the game tells you your word in not in the dictionary. Makes me madder than heck. The funniest one yet is the word "blowlily"!!!!

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