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Monday, July 25, 2011

Researching Life

This is an interesting sculpture/water feature outside Mercy Gilbert Hospital, the birds love it but fly away before I can catch them perched atop the stones.

I love research. I am a researcher. I notice all the time that people around me are fine just living and not knowing what went wrong or what could go better. I need answers.

The problem with Christianity, I have concluded from my research, is that we are not preaching and living the radical gospel of the New Covenant and the Apostle Paul. So I am researching and testing methods of recovery.

The problem with my health, my bodies reaction to food, exercise, rest, metabolic syndrome, ie(diabetes) is another subject for my personal research.

Because I am searching......researching, and examining and reexamining, I tend to be open to new ideas and those who espouse them. This is the nature of research. You listen, you evaluate, you test.

Since I have been moving both my belief system and my bodily health systems in the direction of healthy change, I am slowly getting healthier, and that is good.

Last night I encountered a researcher with a different idea about losing excess fat.
I read it, thought about it, and I am about to test his research on a willing subject. ME.....for if you have no guinea pig, no lab rat, how are you going to know if it works. More about this later.

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