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Friday, July 15, 2011

Day Off??

Stand up paddle boarding is the most recent addition to my bucket list.

My friend Don, who knew better, joked that I got my sermon mailed to me by Fedex every Friday. Others tease pastors with the time worn comment..."you only work one hour a week".

For many decades I have bucked the traditional trend of pastors taking monday off. It never worked for me. Things came up on Sunday that needed to be set in motion, people needed to be seen who were absent for illness, and all my friends were back at work.

Fridays is a great day to relax a bit. Your studies have set the direction for your weekend, you can find people leaving work early for a round of golf, but Friday is never as crowed as Saturday.

Saturday, I am home but my mind is in full creative mode. We have rarely gone out on Saturdays, but again, Friday is date night. I am always on call for hospital visits, seven days a week. But I enjoy the Friday break.

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Anonymous said...

I watched several of these stand up paddlers from the window of a resturant in Lake Placid over looking the lake. It looks like fun. I have also watched sled dogs pulling sightseers on the lake in the same area in the winter. Also looks like fun. Love, Judy