Hawaii 2010

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

We will be there between noon and four?

Going Boating in Hawaii in just a few weeks.

Why can't service providers get a bit more precise with their calls in a day of cell phones and messaging. I came home at noon, have things to do, and its 2:45 and here I sit.

A free HBO and Cinemax weekend has begun on Dish, so I will save some movies for future enjoyment.

No golf this weekend.....two more weeks to go until the season is over.

I have my own opinion on Syria, and a prediction on how the vote will go, and some concerns about both options. I am listening to everyone.

Got to play golf today and look forward to grandparents morning with young Ben's classroom tomorrow.

One week since life extending surgergical rescue and I am very thankful to my healthcare provider, physicians, insurance company.

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