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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Twisted Logic

Little Rock, 1957, resistance to integration caused school closing and a crisis in America.

For two weeks I have cautioned my folks, and through them, the world....the danger of Anglo Isrealism. Once would think a rather dated and disproven view would fail to make any traction in the world, but times being what they are there is a bit of a revival of this view.

The essense, that God never really opened the gospel to the world, but just renewed a blood ethnic covenant, and furthermore, that blood covenant passes to true Israelites, who are ironically descendents of the caucasian people, which is us, Americans.

I have been listening to the reasoning of those fascinated and following this strange connection, and they really believe they are onto something true that allows us to practice ultimate racism, hatred of people of color, of the present jewish people, of arabs and I really don't know who else.

And Glenn Beck has bought into some form of this belief system. Not subscribing to the Blaze I will have to wait for details to emmerge, but this is going to set back conservatism a long way if he gets traction with this. I am no expert on this, but it suffers from some tragically twisted logic.

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