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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Use it or lose it

I am glad I chose the path of movement over a sedentary lifestyle. Not a nut about it, just consistent.

I love/hate weight lifting. The hate part is eased by the use of this user friendly set of weights that you change by pulling knobs. Very easy to do but the real weight lifters make fun of you for using the circuit. I still stay there after four years in this gym.

I love weight lifting because it has maintained and created muscle tone which aids me in every way every day from posture to chores to golf swing to dressing to streching ect. After laying of for a week you can feel the loss of progress. Our physical bodies really do fail us if we fail to exercise. Not saying I am any more protected from other issues, but muscle and bone mass issues are really improved by lifting.

I love the gym because you see the ssme sets of folks and even if you don't know their names you give a friendly smile, like a bar only healthier.

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