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Monday, September 16, 2013

The Daily News

I have never seen a Cholla, jumping cactus that decided to grow like a candle stand. This is the old hyw to Tucson behind the plaque recognizing the place where old cowboy actor Tom Mix was killed in an auto accident long ago.

My new friend Toni has been complaining that the building she is working in has been killing her health, its old and something is making her sick. This morning a shooter in that building in the Washington DC Naval Yard has injured and killed some of her co-workers, and the insanity of our present time extends into another week.

Jason and Toni are both veterans who have skills that have gained them civilian employment in the defense industry and we enjoy reconnecting with them this summer during our family reunion. Life is risky these days.

I make it a point never to read the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other, because I have had it with the pronosticators who are always attemping to plug Ezekiel and Daniel and Revelation to sell their books. Had it up to here. Had it up to there.
Begone you literalist phoney ambitious wackos. Its all about the revelation of Jesus Christ.

Most stunning quote. Vince Gill coming outside his concert to stare at the Westboro Baptist group who gathers to condemn his adulterous marriage to Christian singer Amy Grant. "I just wanted to see what hatred looked like" he said. I better get off, this is beginning to sound like a blue monday blog post.

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