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Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Big Island Revealed

This building played the major backdrop to an exciting Hawaii Five O last evening. This was me in Honolulu in 2006.

We found this great travel book that we used on Maui and Kauai in 2010 that promises to try everything they recommend or diss every year and we love the book and have used it to plan our week on the Big Island, and today I paid 8 bucks more for the Android app that tracks where you are and reminds you of the stuff to see in the area and how to get there and other facts to know in each area. Will share how it helped.

Meanwhile even though I am not taking the computer just our two phones, two cameras, and the xoom tablet, there are just a bunch of wires and extra chargers that have to go along. Being wired takes planing. Worth it not to have to bring the book along but to have the app and its help system in my carry bag.

When you take a bunch of pills to help you survive you need a system to get them straight without carrying a bunch of bottles. Done.

So now to think again about pain, suffering, death, and the hope of the life to come, as I end my month long series on putting our faith to work in this troubled world.

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