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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

An expert is a has been drip under pressure

This is a reposted picture that demands an explanation. This is Ke'e Beach the end of the Road in Kauai past Princeville. Usually this beach is jammed with people, it has a reef that creates such a nice swimming area, it is the beginning of the hike into the Napali Coast, last visit there the sun had heated the sand where it burned your feet to walk on it, seriously hot. How we caught this deserted beach that day years ago still amazes me, and makes me greatful for such a beautiful picture on my wife enjoying the morning.

Last year Christian Smith explained the reality of "interpretive pluralism". What it means for people who love and respect the Bible as a revelation of truth is that sincere Bible believing folks have searched the scriptures with respect and reverance and still have come to opposite or at least radically different understandings of its teachings.

Billy Graham thundered out the comment 'the Bible Says' for decades and he believed it with all his heart and the message bore fruit but that fact was that his thundering was Arminian free will based gospel, while I have seen thousands come to Christ with a very different Calvinist, God has to make the first move gospel, and He draws you to Himself.

The end times is the absolute worst culprit in the multitudes of experts and the constant reprinting of last decades prophecy book with new nations names pretty much inserted over also rans.

I a looking at a book named, The Day and The Hour that documents 2500 serious scholars who named the time or date for the return of Christ and had followers who believed them. This does not include the recent one by the Radio Scholar that had folks cashing out life savings to warn us. This is interpretive pluralism at its worst.

Part of the problem is the basic issue of reading someones mail. In the bible there was not an end time, but a time of the end. It was the judgmental dissolution of the nation of Isreal for their fruitlessness at the end of their covenantal life. It was prophecied by Christ to occur within the lifetime of some of the living disciples and it did. Until we wrestle and discuss these verses we will continually missunderstand the nature and character of God and the radical movement of the good news away from nation punishing nation to people reach people in every nation, tongue and tribe.

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