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Monday, September 23, 2013

The viral Video of the Minister and the Photographer, my comments

My fav cousin Sherry and Dara's wedding.

Well,I am a preacher who performs weddings and a photography nut, and I have worked with many photographers, and have been myself an irritant to them at other weddings because I take pictures while they are taking pictures after the ceremony.

The Ceremony pictures are the subject, and this minister really broke the joy of the wedding with his grumpy tirade, and for that he rightly apologizes, and one would hope if their is a video it would be edited out.

The funniest thing that happened during a wedding I conducted was a zealous guy who climbed onto a pew in the choir loft and put his foot on the front railing, and it began to tilt forward, not being bolted down as he thought, loud bang and shuffle for balance and big temporary distraction.

It is a solemn ceremony, but it is also a very joyous one as well, major boo boo for that already scary countenance to get mad and threaten to stop the ceremony. And in this cultures anti clerical mood we get a black eye again. I love wedding photographers on the web, I am a fan of Jasmine Star, big time.

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